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Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin & Grey Building & Construction Trades Council

55 Northfield Dr. E
Suite 172
Waterloo, Ontario,
Canada, N2K3T6

Ph: 519-503-2347
Fax: 519-579-4076
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What is Fair Wage?

Fair wage is simply a term used to describe a policy that would ensure that unionized and non unionized works get paid fair wages for the same work done.

This proposed policy would level the playing field between unionized and non-unionized labour in terms of what workers in the ICI sector get paid to do the same comparable work. This forces contractors to pay their workers a fair wage and not underbid contracts.

Why level the playing field?

Our union affiliate members train extensively in each of their respective trades. This makes them more qualified and more importantly safer on the job. Jobs get done sooner, with fewer accidents and in the long term, less repairs.

Leveling the playing field holds non-union contractors to the same level of pay and job quality which is better for the workers, better for you the end user and ultimately its better for our community.

Why is this better for our Community?

When your organization utilizes unionized labour you help build the foundation to your own community. When workers are paid fair wages those wages go back into building a more prosperous place to live by those workers being able to utilize that income on housing, entertainment, transportation and education as well as other services provided locally.

What can you do?

We’re not saying to go with the highest bid by any means, but an educated client is our best client. The more you know and are aware of the pitfalls and misleading bidding styles used by some contractors the better off you are. Please contact our building trades representatives, they will help you get the most of the money you spend on your construction project. Now and in the future.

Contact your local trades to discuss implementing a fair wage policy in your organization.

The intent of a Fair Wage Policy can be summarized as follows:

  • To provide a fair wage to workers
  • To produce stable labour relations with minimal disruption
  • To compromise between the wage differentials of organized and unorganized labour
  • To create a level playing field in competitions for Regional / City work
  • To protect the public
  • To enhance the reputation of the City for ethical and fair business dealings.

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