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Waterloo, Wellington, Dufferin & Grey Building & Construction Trades Council

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Suite 172
Waterloo, Ontario,
Canada, N2K3T6

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Best Value Bidding

What is Best Value Bidding?

When you select the contractor to construct your Industrial, commercial, Institutional and residential building, what are the defining factors of that selection? History and record of work play a part, so does that organizations reputation… but the single most common point of difference is price. It’s easy to save money when you go with the lowest bid. But what does that low bid cost you in the long run.

What are the long term issues?

Windows leaking, mold, concrete failure, roofing repairs, higher energy costs, electrical and mechanical systems breakdowns… these and more are all common issues that low bid building face. Another consideration is will the contractor be there a year from now. If they are not in business when you have problems, you are on the hook for fixing them.

Ask yourself this, if the bid is significantly lower than other bids, how is the contractor providing that price? The cost saving comes from somewhere; it is either lower skilled workers, or low quality of materials or both.

What can you do?

We’re not saying to go with the highest bid by any means, but an educated client is our best client. The more you know and are aware of the pitfalls and misleading bidding styles used by some contractors the better off you are. Please contact our building trades representatives, they will help you get the most of the money you spend on your construction project. Now and in the future.


What to ask your contractor...

  • Ask your contractor what their safety record is.
  • Do their workers have license in each of their specialized fields?
  • What are the wage rates for their workers?
  • What is the charge out rate for their workers?
  • What is the apprentice ratio on their job?
  • Where are the workers coming from, is mobility
    an issue?
  • What is their track record for long term building maintenance?
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